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acne skin test


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Let's get started - your personalised face care

You measure your skin in four places on your face within a few minutes, send the test back to us free of charge and in our lab in Stuttgart we analyse these signs of acne and impurities on your skin:

  • Micro-inflammation
  • Hyperkeratosis (keratinisation of the skin)
  • Seborrhoea (excessive sebum production)
  • Bacterial colonisation
  • Moisture content

After a few days, you will receive an email from us in which we will depict the results as well as your personalised solution.

1 rating for acne test

  1. Valeria -

    I was struggling with blemished skin and deep pimples due to hormonal changes. During that time, I tested different skincare products. Thanks to enka, my skin is excellent now! Not only are my deep pimples gone, but my entire skin texture has been refined. I finally feel comfortable with my skin again.

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    • admin -

      Hi Valeria, how great to hear your skin is great again! We are very happy with you 🙂 Team enka

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