Your acne kit

Maybe not your first aid for acne - but definitely your last.

Based on your test results, our in-house developed artificial intelligence calculates the individual concen­tration of your care gel. This is based on the individual characteristics of your skin's symptoms of acne: micro-inflammation, hyperkeratosis, seborrhoea, bacterial colonisation and moisture content.

These biomarkers give us information about the health of your skin barrier and the intensity of your blemishes or acne. By the way, biomarkers are biological characteristics of natural or pathological processes in the body.

Dr Dr Bunge: "Individual face care from enka is the best thing you can give your skin when it is affected by impurities or acne. Important: regular use and a little patience."

When ordering, you have the choice of getting your complete acne kit directly or "only" the skin test for home use. In the case of the former, you save 5 euros. The difference? If you choose your complete acne kit, you will receive your personalised acne care gel + mineral soap automatically after you have received your test results by email. If you only order the skin test, you have the option to order your personalised skin care directly via the link in the email with your test results, or via our shop.

You can always contact us if you have any questions.