Real people, real results

Here we share authentic feedback and before/after pictures of your acne journeys.

Ekaterina, 30 - @katjuscha.o

"Normally, I would probably have stopped using the treatment immediately after my pimples increased in the "peak phase". But by being properly explained by enka that you have to go through this initial aggravation once, I stuck with it and in the end I was rewarded! I finally feel really good again."

After: Week 7

Manuel, 19 - @manu_silanar

"It took a little while at the beginning, but my skin is now a thousand times softer, smoother and above all almost completely pimple-free. I'm really thrilled."

After: Week 10

Johanna, 24 - @johanna.pauer

"My post-pill acne was really annoying and I didn't expect anything to help. That's why I was very positively surprised when not only the pimples but also the pimple marks disappeared with enka."

After: Week 23

Valerie, 29

"I have been struggling with extremely blemished skin for years and persistent acne for the past year. I've tried so many products and have never been able to achieve long-term success. enka has changed my life. After 4 weeks, only half of the blemishes and the redness were visible. Today I only have a few blemishes and sometimes one or two pimples, but I feel good in my skin and for the first time in years I leave the house without makeup. I will continue to order my personalised skincare products from enka. I had already stopped believing in it, but you have shown me that there is a way out of the acne devil's circle. I can recommend the products to everyone without reservation and hope that it will help many more."

After: Week 9

Anastasia, 19 - @nastja.sin

"When I first read about enka, I was sceptical because I've already tried many things to combat my acne. Despite scepticism, I gave enka a chance and am glad that the products have shown success and they help me to have my acne under control. I've been using the products ever since and wouldn't want to miss them in the future."

After: Week 9

Niklas, 14

"I never had an uncomfortable feeling after applying and over time my skin has become softer. Overall, I am very happy with the product and will continue to use it."

After: Week 10

Marisa, 26

"For years I had to struggle with severe skin problems. I tried many products, but most of them made my skin worse instead of better. Once I got over the initial acne flare-up phase, my skin improved day by day. I could hardly believe it. I am very satisfied."

After: Week 7

Valerie, 29

"I was struggling with blemished skin and deep pimples due to hormonal changes. During that time, I tested different skincare products. Thanks to enka, my skin is excellent now! Not only are my deep pimples gone, but my entire skin texture has been refined. I finally feel comfortable with my skin again."

After: Week 7

Lilly, 30

"The enka products have really helped to control my acne, which is quite stubborn. Since I started using them, my skin is also significantly less reddened, overall smoother and feels super soft after the application. Thank you so much for this!"

After: Week 12

Verena, 21

"First of all, thank you for your company! You are the first ones who could really help me (I have also been to dermatologists etc.). I ordered a skin test in September 21 and then got the acne care to go with it. Unfortunately, the 'blossoming phase' lasted 3 months for me, but it's so much better now 😊😁. I've been struggling with blemishes for 10 years and now, for the first time, it's a bit clearer 😊"

After: Week 12

Lina, 25

"I've been suffering from blemished skin since I stopped taking the pill and have been looking for suitable products to get it back under control for a long time. I have been using the enka cleanser and care for 3 months now and my skin almost looks like it did before! I use both products in the morning and in the evening and I'm simply impressed! I can finally feel good again."

After: Week 12

Sophie, 26

"In short - I'm really surprised how positively my skin appearance has changed and even believe that it could change even more for the better if I continue. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have finally found my personal skin care and would also recommend the products to anyone who struggles with blemishes. Since the products are individually customised based on the skin condition analysis, I see this as a good approach that should definitely be further developed and established on the market! Finding the right skin care is not easy and should be able to be tailored to each individual!"

After: Week 11

Silke, 24

"I've had bad skin for a number of years, so I'm really happy to have finally found something that helps! I will definitely be reordering the products."

After: Week 12

Michelle, 25

"For me, the product was the right decision! At the beginning it was difficult to keep going because you first have to get rid of the deep impurities, but thanks to your support I was able to pull it off really well. And afterwards I'm just happy and proud with the result! I also think it's great that there's a soap included, which makes it more environmentally friendly in terms of packaging!"

After: Week 16